What Are Termites?

Termites are small, pale soft-bodied insect or pests and are also popular as wood destroying insect. To survive termites need cellulose and your home has various products required for their survival like wooden  furniture, wood boxes, wooden doors, windows & flooring, cardboards, papers etc.

Termites (Deemak) are very harmful for your wooden furniture as they attack the wooden furniture pieces and destroy them. They can do a severe damage to your household furniture. They make colonies inside the wood furniture. Wood is their food and they can quickly destroy wooden furniture in your home or office.

There are different types of termites that can destroy wooden furniture namely, Eastern Subterranean Termite, Drywood Termite, Dampwood Termite, Formosan Termite etc

7 Useful Ways To Protect Wood Furniture From Termites: 

As of the famous old saying ‘Prevention Is Better Than Cure’ it is good to protect your wooden furniture products from termites on time instead of waiting for a damage.

Protecting wooden furniture from termites is possible. Wondering How?

With this post we are sharing some easy tips following which you can keep your wooden furniture termite free.

So, explore the Infographic on 7 Tips To Prevent Wodden Furniture From Termites.

So, let’s read ahead!

Wooden Furniture Protection From Termites 7 Tips Infographic

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1. Moisture Protection:

Moisture & termites are like close friends. The number one prevention tip to protect your wooden furniture from termites is to keep it moisture free. The reason behind it is that moisture content is an invitation to termites.

Avoid using water or any other type of liquid cleaner or solution to clean your wooden furniture.

So, how to clean then?

The answer is you can use a dry cloth of soft fabric or microfiber for dusting and cleaning your wooden furniture products.

Sometimes sun drying your furniture also works especially before and after rainy season.

2. Oil Treatment:

Use oils on wooden furniture’s to protect from termite growth. Surface treatment of wooden furniture with essential oil protects it from termites.

Some oils that can work as wonder on your wooden furniture from protection against termites are Neem Oil, Clove Bud Oil, Vetiver Oil, Olive Oil, Orange Oil etc. These oils inhibit the growth of termites or kill their colonies.

Apply a mixture of olive oil and white vinegar on your furniture for protection against termites as vinegar can repel termites. You can use a spray bottle to easily apply oil on the furniture.

3. Use Borax:

Boric acid being a natural insecticide is used to control or kills the termites. Apply a coating of borax solution on the wooden furniture.

If your furniture is infected with termites then spray the borate solution or paint the infected area for inhibiting the growth of termites and protecting your furniture from further infestation.

4. Sunlight Protection: 

Termites can’t survive in sunlight and that’s why they hate it. Place your wooden furniture in scorching sunlight on a hot summer day so that any moisture in the furniture will evaporate and termites will be exterminated.

Moisture and termites are best friends, sunlight and termites are enemies. Termites will die under sun beam & its ultraviolet rays.

5. Wood Polishing: 

Polish your wood furniture products periodically as regular maintenance or hire a carpenter. For better protection use polish with termite resistant properties available in market for wooden furniture.

You can consider oil based varnishes for a protective coating. With hard and glossy coat polishes help protects and preserve the wood from termites infest.

6. Aloe Vera: 

Aloe Vera can be used to protect wooden furniture from termites. The gel creates a barrier layer that termites won’t cross.

Extract & apply aloe vera gel all over your wooden furniture.

7. Apply Anti-Termites Pesticides:

Use anti termites pesticides on your wooden furniture as a preventive measure against termites. You can get your furniture & space pest controlled.

There are various types and variety of anti-termites pesticides available in the market for wood furniture protection against termites. You can apply these after reading the labels & instructions.

Note: These are some suggestions. You should always consider hiring or taking consultation from an expert to protect your wooden furniture from termites. Use these tips at your own discretion.

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