Waxed Finish of Sheesham Wood Furniture
Most of the wood furniture featured here has a waxed finish and you should re-wax each piece using a soft cloth and beeswax polish, preferably creamed beeswax in every few months. You can use a soft & clean clothe to apply polish to the entire surface, work always in the direction of the grain. And once you have applied to the entire piece then using another clean cloth, gently buff the surface to the desired level of shine, again in the direction of the grain. Never use silicone based polishes as these can easily dry out and discolors the wood.

Unfinished Wooden Furniture
Some wooden furniture featured here have no finish applied (Only stain finish) and are supplied as bare hardwood. If you wish, you can apply oil or wax finish however this will change the color and appearance of the timber. If you prefer the wood to be left in its natural state, simply wipe over regularly with a barely damp cloth to remove spills and dust. Again, do not use silicon based polishes as these will only serve to discolor and dry the timber.

Spills & Stains
Sheesham timber is an extremely hard wearing, however it is always advisable not to place anything hot or wet directly onto the surface of the furniture as it may cause staining or marking. Any spills should be cleaned up with a dry or barely damp cloth. The beauty of solid wood furniture is that it can be sanded and re-finished unless it should have any severe marking. Be sure to sand gently in the direction of the grain with fine sandpaper or wire wool. The solid wood furniture can then be refinished with beeswax.

Positioning Furniture
Always try to position your sheesham wood furniture away from direct sunlight if possible because sunlight can fade the color of the wood, leaving sight differences between sides in the shade and sides exposed. Also, try not to place your sheesham furniture near a radiator as the sudden changes in temperature can cause the wood to dry out and crack, or its joints may become weak.
The solid wood furniture you buy for home is a major investment and sheesham wood furniture, like any other item of solid wood furniture may become a prized heirloom, with a little looking after such items can be passed on to generations.

Rosewood (Palisander, shesham)
Rosewood, name refers to the large number of wood with a rich palette of colors, brownish with darker veins and it is extremely strong and heavy, has a high luster, are good material for furniture, flooring, and musical instruments.

Indian rosewoods
Beautiful nature, giving shade, easy-growing tree, semi-evergreen; Indian rosewood has a delicate, bright green, oval, tapering leaves and can quickly reach a height of 60 feet and 40 feet wide. And has distinctive, highly fragrant white flowers, with slender, flat, brown pods with one to four seeds. The trunk can be a highly prized wood for fine furnishings, and rosewood species is an extremely important type of timber present in India. There are many types Dalbergii that grow in tropical regions of the world and are used for the production of lumber and veneer.

Shisha (Dalbergia sissoo) is a deciduous tree of lofty, dating from North of India and Pakistan and Nepal. Other names of this tree are Sissoo, Sisu, or Rosewood. Typically grows along river banks below the height of 900m above sea level, but can also occur at an altitude of 1300m above sea level. Temperatures in the natural environment on average, between 10 to 40oC, but can vary between values of the temperature just below zero to 50oC. Can withstand average annual rainfall of up to 2000mm, as well as the drought lasted 3-4 months. Soils on which the tree grows range from pure sand and gravel to rich river sediments on the banks of streams and rivers; Shisha can grow in slightly osolonych soils. Seedlings are intolerant to shade.

Shisha (Dalbergia sissoo) is best known worldwide as the best type of wood from many species of rosewood. However, Shisha is also a very important fuel source of shade and shelter. On a number of products that arise from its timber, with its tolerance for the faint cold and long dry seasons, this type of tree deserves much greater attention in terms of its planting, renewal applications and agro - forestry. After the teak tree (tikowym), Rosewood is the most cultivated tree in Haryana and other parts of India, are planted along roads, also provides shelter from the sun in the tea plantations.

Wood : Shisha ranked among the best types of wood used for furniture and veneers. Heartwood is characterized by colors from golden to dark brown, but colors the trees which differs bielastego extend to pale brownish white. Heartwood is characterized by extraordinary strength (force of gravity = 0.7-0.8) and resistance to termites.


Wood Dekor furniture are made by hands

The carpentry work and the factory are updated with latest technology.
The woods are cut, glued, planed and sanded thoroughly and facets, carvings and details are lovingly incorporated individually until the "not perfect" impression seems perfect. And the colors of our furniture we obtain by repeated stripping, the hand polishing includes the production from glamorous. A final functional test and then it goes to packaging. Since solid wood responds to the climatic conditions of its immediate surroundings, it requires some extra care.

Furniture of Sheesham Wood

Note- Furniture manufactured by a unique handcrafted solid wood. Wood has naturally knots and irregularities these margins remain through growth in our processing knots in their original form, but are filled with a mass corresponding to the natural color of natural wood comes pretty close. In return, just give the knots live piece of furniture to her own handwriting. Our wooden furniture pieces are assembled from various pieces of woods, which all have an individual grain. This can cause intense color differences. Our paints are very durable. Large fluctuations in the ambient temperature may be out of cracks in the paint. Intentional signs of wear, color variations, small bumps and irregularities (such as nicks, cracks, dents, etc. Small deviations) are typical features of this art furniture and underline the individual character with a Mediterranean flair and charisma. Wood Dekor furniture breathes with its natural grain and distinctive little quirks the spirit of the colonial era. Slightly playful, with experienced signs of wear, give this room its unique each individual note. Namely those that make each of our furniture are a unique collection.

Tips & Tricks to care Sheesham Wood Furniture

•    Care from Moisture: Wooden furniture, even solid wooden furniture has a tendency to get moist easily and due to this shape of the furniture may expand or contract. This may result into splitting or cracking of wood, so to avoid this place your furniture in a moisture free environment.
•    Avoid Sunlight: If your solid wood furniture or sheesham wood furniture is exposed to direct sunlight then you are risking your furniture life. It may not last longer, there is strong possibility of it to change its original color or its surface may change entirely. So avoid placing sheesham wood furniture in sunlight, near heaters or radiators.
•    Position in the house: One big problem that we face in our houses, we don't have enough space for each & every item we have, and this compels us to put some of our furniture in garage, attics or may be in basement. This poor handling of furniture ruins its quality and reduces its life as well.

•    Spills, Stains & Hot dishes: Spills: Stains fromm flower Vases or cup or coffee on the surface of sheesham wood furniture should be wiped out with dry or lightly damped soft cloth.

•    Dusting: Deposition of dust on the surfaces or side edges makes the surface moist and the surface starts rusting. So timely dusting of solid wood furniture is required,

•    Handling: The best way to keep your wooden furniture long lasting is waxing or oiling the surface, and this thing, we have already explained in this article. And dragging should be avoided, as it weakens the joints and legs. Handling or shifting of the furniture should be done using its strongest portion.  

Materials required for the care of Sheesham wood Furniture

1.    Good quality Rubber gloves
2.    Fine steel wool #0000
3.    Clean cloth rags, should be soft
4.    Neutral Paste Wax
5.    Cleaner and Wax Remover

Keep these things handy, let's do it-

If the sheesham wood furniture is under proper handling then it would need only wax on its surface and this you can do using soft, clean cloth. But what if, the surface has some marks on it? Go, get the fine steel wool and do it without damaging your furniture.

  • Step-1 Remove old wax or oiling
  • Step-2 Wait for the surface until it dries completely
  • Step-3 Go along with the grain, polish the surface or if there is any spill or stain, remove it first using vinegar+ water mixer along with steel wool. Do the polish work.
  • Step-4 Buff : clean extra wax after some time when the surface is dried.

And Wood Dekor is expanding its branches in different countries and has got many positive reviews from the people. These were some simple tips & tricks, follow these and keep your Sheesham wood furniture long lasting and if you face any problem with handling solid wood furniture do contact us. We have a 24/7 support for our customers and other who are interested in buying Sheesham wood furniture.