Dining chairs set the tone in your dining room. Choosing the right dining chairs style, colour and pattern is crucial for perfect living room decor.

Planning to update your dining room? Buying a new set of dining room chairs is quick and easy in today’s time. You can browse and shop dining room chairs online in India or other countries from the comfort of your home.

Buying dining room chairs is simple with online shopping but what about types?

Do you know the name of style type of dining chair you want to buy?

What if you end up buying a wrong style of dining chair?

Can you name some dining chair types?

Well! If you answered some then it’s great but if not then this guide on dining chair styles and types is must a read for you.

Dining Room Chairs By Types Buying Guide

If you know different dining chairs names & styles then shopping becomes easier and you can make an informed decision on what type of styles is perfect for your home or hotel.

One of the most important things is that your dining room chairs should be comfortable. You can choose matching dining room chairs or go with a mix match with the dining table, making sure that they makes a good pair. So, whatever you choose make sure that your furniture choices look deliberate.

So, here’s a blog post by Wood Dekor on 13 Popular Dining Room Chairs Styles and Types Infographic that you should know about.

Dining Room Chairs Styles: 

Chairs for your home come in wide variety of designs and styles. Finding the right seating for your dining space is essential as it is a big purchase decision. You can buy modern dining room chairs and give an eclectic look to your dining room space.

So, with this post we are going to tell you about various dining chairs styles and types. Read on further and learn about the dining room chairs styles and features.

Dining Chairs Types & Styles Infographic Wooddekor

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1. Side Chair:

  • A standard dining chair without arms.

  • Straight back.

  • As the name suggests these chairs sit along the side of the table.

  • It is one of the most common chairs seen in kitchen and dining rooms.

  • Seats can be upholstered Seats or plain seats.


2. Parsons Chair:

  • A simple design chair with clean lines.

  • First created in the 1930’s.

  • It’s name is said to originate from Parson School of Design.

  • Popular transitional style.

  • Fairly tall and straight back.

  • Generally, suits all décor styles so perfect fit for most dining rooms.

  • Fully upholstered variety of fabrics – leather, linen, tufted, patterned etc.

  • Versatile in style and comfortable.

3. Arm Chair:

fred designer arm chair solidwood sheesham wooddekor

  • As the name suggest it’s a chair with arms.

  • A comfortable chair with side supports for arm rest.

  • They have contemporary styles to traditional styles.

  • For backrest you can look for low backrest and high backrest designs.

  • Available with/without upholstered backs.

  • Suitable if you want to add a formal look to your dining room.

  • You can buy arm chairs matching to the side chairs in your home.

  • Can be fully upholstered with materials as leather, fabric, velvet, linen, cotton etc.

  • Made of wood, plastic, metal etc.

4. Ladderback Chair: 

  • Ladder-back chairs as the name indicates have multiple horizontal slats along the back of chairs with appropriate spacing which looks like a ladder.

  • Also known as ladder-back chair.

  • These chairs are believed to originate in the middle ages in Europe.

  • These chairs generally have tall backs.

  • Easy to carry from one place to another.

  • Generally these match with traditional styles of furniture but have transitional and contemporary designs too.

  • Can have upholstered seating.

  • You might have seen these in some restaurant, night club or hotel etc.

  • They can fit in a lot of décor styles.

5. Splat Back Chair: 

  • In splat back chair there is a centrally, vertically placed element on the back of chair called as splat.

  • The splat is from the frame of a chair to the backrest base.

  • The splat on the chair back is generally an exposed design.

  • The splats with decorative carved accents add an exotic look to a room area.

  • Gives a traditional look.

  • Seating’s can be upholstered or not.


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6. Keyhole Back Chair: 

  • A Keyhole chair has a central cutout in the backrest generally square, rectangular or circular in shape.

  • Clean and cool looking chairs.

  • These have modern and contemporary designs.

  • Most often these are upholstered in leather, fabric, vinyl etc

7. Lattice Back Chair:

Lattice Back Wooden Dining Chair Wooddekor

  • These are generally open back chairs. 

  • The backrest have geometric patterns and grids like patterned diamonds, cross-patterned back, scroll work, etc.

  • These are somewhat similar to cross back and slat back chairs.

  • Seating’s can be upholstered or not.


8. Queen Annie Chair: 

  • It was the first chair, seat of which was designed with a cushion for comfort.

  • Smaller, light, elegant and comfortable chairs.

  • These chairs styled during the Queen Anne 18th century reign.

  • Sometimes queen anne furniture is also referred as Late Baroque.

  • The chairs are attributed to William Savery.

  • Characterized by cushioned seats, cabriole legs, curvilinear shapes, delicacy and restrained decoration.

  • Contemporary and elegantly upholstered dining chairs.

  • Spoon backed chairs or curved splat back.

  • These chairs have cyma curve - an S shaped curve on most parts, especially in the cabriole form of leg.


9. Windsor Chair: 

  • The chair got its name from the English town of Windsor.

  • Originated in England early in the 18th century.

  • Comfortable chair with solid wooden seat with simplicity. For comfort the solid wood seats are often carved into anticlinal shapes, shallow dish, saddle shape or oval-shaped.

  • The back and sides of chairs are connected to the solid seat with multiple thin, turned spindles.

  • Slightly reclined backs, straight legs that splay outwards.

  • Sometimes the chair-back and legs are round-tenoned or pushed into drilled holes.

  • Woods used for different parts of the chair are often - ash wood, elm, beech, oak, chestnut etc.

10. Upholstered Chair: 

  • Upholstered chairs have covered seats with padding, springs, soft fabric or leather covers and soft texture.

  • Very stylish, comfortable and luxury chairs available too.

  • Most often both seat and back are covered with fabric.

  • Various types of upholstered chairs - tub, wing bag, bergere, slipper etc.

  • Looks visually heavier as compared to an open back chair.

  • Perfect for traditional look to your dining room.


11. Cross Back Chair / X- Back Chair:

  • Cross Back chairs are also called as X-back chairs.

  • Originated in the 20th century in French cafés.

  • Classic designs and vintage style.

  • Variety of stylish seatings options available.

  • Looks similar to bentwood chairs but cross back chairs have two slabs of crossed wood instead of round arches.


12. Wing Chair:

  • A wing chair is also called as wing-back chair or wing-back.

  • These have high backs and winged sides.

  • These chairs originally introduced in 17th century in England.

  • Styles traditional, modern, sleeker etc.

  • Comfortable & gives coziness.

  • It is a club chair with "wings" mounted at the back of the chair.

  • The styles of wings are flat wing and the scroll wing, bat wings, butterfly wings etc.

  • Most often wing chairs are fully upholstered.

  • These chairs have exposed wood legs.

  • Modern wing chairs have button-tufted upholstery.

  • Different length, depth, vertical position and shape available.

13. Wood Frame Chair:

  • Dining chairs with wood frames are popular since long.

  • Wooden frames on these dinings chairs are available in wide range of styles and shapes.

  • For a traditional look you can buy wood framed dining chairs.

  • Wooden frame dining chair along with a wooden table gives a perfect look to a dining area.

  • If you want to have a spacious dining room then consider buying wooden frame dining chairs.

  • To add contrast and beauty in your dining room buy wood dining chairs with colours contrasting to other elements in the room.


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