When it comes to photo frames there are wide variety of options available from plastic, metal, wood and the list goes on. Wooden photo frames looks classy and there are wide variety of design size and colour options available as per your interests. Wood photo frames can be a perfect gift for your loved ones. You can gift a wooden photo frame on birthdays, anniversaries, return gifts, corporate gifts, wedding giveaways etc.

Advantages of Wood Photo Frames

  1. In Wooden photo frames you can preserve your memories such as photos, images, collage for long time as they are durable.

    collage wooden photo frame

  1. If you plan to add a vintage touch to your home or office then give a try to wooden photo frame.

  1. Photo frames made of wood are available in different types of shapes, size, colour & width and even custom frames can be ordered from furniture manufacturers as per your need. These can be easily customized as per customer requirement.
    wood photo frame with polish

  1. Wooden photo frames add aesthetic appeal as compared to metal or plastic photo frames.

  1. Wooden photo frames looks elegant are versatile and cost effective too if purchased from the right store. You can shop wood photo frames at best prices directly from wooden photo frame manufacturer in India like Wood Dekor Online Store. We are the manufacturer and supplier of wooden decorative items for home & office needs.

    buy wood picture frames online

  1. There are different styles of wooden photo frames options to buy as per

  • Placements Styles - (Wall Mounted, Counter/Tabletop)  

  • Orientation – (Landscape, Portrait)

  • Features – (matted, multi – photo)

    10x15 cms and 13x18 cms wooden photo frames

  1. When it comes to material in wood there are wide options and design patterns for corporate wooden frames.

  1. Colours you can opt for in wooden photo frames are like black, brown, white, dark brown, oak, mahogany and many more.

  1. Such frames made of wood easily matches the interior of your home or office.

  1. If required you can paint an old/new wooden photo frame as per your room decor.

  1. Collage wooden photo frames display family or friends pictures at once which looks beautiful and revive memories.

  1. Picture frames made of wood have easel backs for support for ease of use on tabletop surfaces.

  1. A lot of wooden photo frames have transparent plastic wraps to avoid any issue of dust and dirt and provides ease of cleaning.

  1. Wood picture frames also comes in traditional style and never goes out of trend. Frames made of plywood are in huge demand these days.
    6X4 size wood photo frame

  2. Generally, wooden picture frames are also light in weight.

  1. A lot of people prefer buying wood composite photo frames and it’s your choice whether you want to buy composite wood photo frame or solid wood photo frame.

  1. Apart from photos you can also use

  2. wooden photo frames for adding certificates, collages, fabric art, paintings, signatures, quotations, sceneries and the possibilities are many based on your creativity and need.

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