It has become a trend to stay active on social media sites and if you have good social media ranking then it is more likely to gain trust of the customers.

now a days your online sale depends on your social media status. But what about online furniture, can we trust just on social media status? People may not have enough knowledge of solid wood furniture. And this is the risk of online furniture selling that you may end up in buying poor quality of Wooden furniture, and you can't do anything about it, because once you have bought the item, you have placed into your house then you can only regret if, by chance you have chosen a poor quality. Therefore it is more important to keep some methods in mind while you make such purchase.

Keep these things in mind while you buy Furniture online

Shortly after moving into my new showroom, I decided to invest in solid wood furniture so it would seem to be one time investment. Actually I am stubborn and always check for discounts, gift cards and freebies along with the main item. But no, I do never compromises with the quality of the item I buy. And since the trend of buying online furniture has taken over the entire physical market, I have become more curious to go through quality check methods before doing the payment.

Alas! What if the seller would deliver me poor quality furniture rapped into a nice gift cover, or some time I may not able to check enough parameters of the wooden furniture. In all such cases, I have to be aware of some quality parameters. And I was told about these simple methods to check whether I should buy the furniture online or not. Yes, it takes time to search and find the best quality solid wood furniture online, but thankfully I could contact wood dekor and found these following tips, these tips & tricks will save you money and time.

How to choose the best Online furniture selling website?

You live in India, great! We have something for you, in Indian market there are some trustable online furniture selling websites and you can buy anything from them, yes anything because these online furniture manufacturers follows all the quality parameters and provides the best customer 24/7 service.

  • Check About Page
    Your search should begin with the About Us page of any online furniture website, if they have provided complete details of the company & the manufacturing plant then you can consider the reputation of that company. Should double check, Phone number, physical location, and other offline approach to them.
  • Read Reviews of the item you are going to buy in their store page
    if you have found a genuine website then it definitely allows users to post reviews for online sellers. Check start rating from one to five starts, read listing of that product on Google Product Search, where all reviews are straight forward and genuine.
  • Do read their furniture return policy
    Perhaps, you have ordered a poor quality item or item with less star rating, then?

    It is important to read return policies of the company, so you can not end up paying return fees or taxes, without even getting anything in hands.
    Some retailers may have policies like the customer would pay for return of the goods or no return of the bought goods at all. So make sure your money should be spent for the furniture only.
  • Shipping & Delivery cost
    for shipping & delivery cost, you may read FAQ.
  • Check verities
    you are sure about the furniture that you want to buy, but sometimes, after checking verities, we end up in buying something else. And it is not a bad thing, actually, but make sure this satisfies the requirement you were looking for.
  • Check for securities on the website, SSL certificate, so your credentials may not be compromised

This is how you can check the quality of solid wood furniture online

if pictures of the item is not professional, please understand that the retailers are not willing to make their customers happy. Images of the furniture items must be professionally shot otherwise customer may not find the exact design, he is looking for. Plus a picture is worth thousand words of the description.

Go through description
feature that satisfies your requirement, match them before you pay for online furniture.

Measurements of Solid wood furniture
Accuracy of the item can be measured only when you have bought the item, but you can compare with the details mentioned on the site. If it matches, good otherwise you should not keep that item.

Reading Reviews is must
many a times, reading already mentioned product reviews are helpful in buying the right quality furniture item.

 Color of the furniture
Color and waxing of the furniture play an important role in keeping it for long, so ask your manufacturer on that online store about color they have used.

Offers & Sales
it's only for saving money, because once you have found your thing, money actually does not matter. You can pay any amount for that, but what if you are not aware that the online furniture seller is offering a good offer on the item. So, at least check if such offers are available or not.

Coupons & gift cards

Finally when you have bought the solid wood furniture online, now what?

Now, you have saved both time and money, provided you have understood all the tips and tricks to buy furniture online. One more important thing, a picture is worth thousand words, and retailers spends a lot of money in professional photographs so don't fully trust on the pictures of the product. Do check the measurements and the design when you have received the item, finally.

And use the option 'Review this Product' on the online furniture site, from where you have made the purchase. Yes, if you are happy with the purchase, even then you should write the reviews over the site this will help other customers too.

Great! You have some other tips & tricks as well, do let us know and we promise you gift cards & freebies, once your idea is accepted. But don't worry we have some other perks too, you can avail our gift cards, freebies and other discounts on every purchase of solid wood furniture from our store.