Wooden furniture has always been part of royal families and people have been using furniture made up of solid wood for many years. And no one can deny the fact that solid wood furniture looks beautiful and can be designed in any shape. Being wear and tear resistant it can last longer if it is taken care properly. Of course in our modern world plastic furniture or plywood furniture have also been used but can't match the royal feeling that we get after buying solid wood furniture.

 If taken care then solid wood furniture is only one time investment and lasts longer for many generations. And this is one of the reasons why people use it in their newly built houses and in shops & showrooms.

Solid wood house furniture has multiple positive aspects; it looks really good and can stand daily life's wear and tear. And if you are going to get solid wood furniture soon, then here we have some great tips & tricks for you, follow our basic guidelines before using solid wood furniture and would never regret buying such furniture.

 Difference between Solid Wood & plywood Furniture

                Plywood furniture can be used as an alternative of solid wood furniture at some extent, actually it is cheaper option instead of solid wood, and you can get the similar items in very less investment.

But plywood furniture may not last longer and you need to reinvest in keeping them useful. Of course there are some benefits also in using plywood furniture, some basic difference are mentioned here-

  • More exotic designs can be made using plywood instead of solid wood, almost same finish can be achieved using plywood and generally it is easier while working on plywood.
  • Plywood furniture light in weight and easier in handling & repositioning them in houses as compare to solid wood.
  • Is cost of the furniture is your main issue? Then you should go for plywood or Veneer furniture and this can be your short term profit as well.
  • It is often said, problem lies with what is underneath the plywood because damage happened to plywood is not repairable.

Finally if you are looking for a short term solution for your household requirement then go for plywood furniture otherwise if you have some right investment then Solid wood furniture is the best option; one you can trust on its life second you can customize your furniture with strength.