There are many reasons behind this question some of them are below

1) Sheesham is widely grown by farmers of north India as a crop so due to that the industries get the product raw material at best prices and in bulk quantities and then the processing of raw materail in bulk quantity is cheaper as compare to smaller quantities,

2) After processing of wood from saw mills wood is supplied to industries in bulk quantities in different size in planks, then these palnks are chemically treated and seasoned by the industries in bulk, that results in long lasting of wood at best prices

3) After processing of wood, planks then ready to manufacturing furniture item, so by using automatic and semi automic machine production process is faster which helps the manufacture to cut his production cost. All the wastage is used as fuel for boiler which is used to lower down moisture of wood.

4) After production of raw furniture item then the item is send for finishing and polising and processing of goods in quanitty at this step is also very vital to save cost

5) Packaing and transportation are also very important and if we work in bulk lots we get the best prices from them also.

6) The  Most important step i.e sales channel and selling through internet is best option to sell at lowest possible price because of no retail store rent, no overheads etc. it straight from manufacturer to end consumer.

from above point i have tryed to clear the basics of why sheesham wood furniture is available in low budget.

Below is a chart of how the process takes place from raw sheesham wood processing in first picture, in second picture wood seasoning and in third & fourth picture wood in under machines processing in fifth picture raw sheesham wood furniture is ready and in sixth picture item is under finishing and last step i.e packaing and loading shown in last picture.




What is Sheesham wood?

In India Rosewood or deciduous rosewood tree are commonly found in sub continents and out of India we can found it in Southern Iran, and such trees can attain height around 4000 ft.  Sheesham wood belongs to Dalbergia genus,  and Rosewood  is a very strong timber with rich grain pattern.

And Sheesham wood is used widely in manufacturing of furniture because it has high density, strength. naturally rich grain, and longevity.  

Sheesham wood doesn't split or warp and seasons well, so if you are looking for solid wood furniture and want to get its make from sheesham wood, best option. It is not only available at low cost but can withstand daily life's wear and tear also.

Sheesham wood is quite good for furniture making because of its well defined grain pattern and this pattern gives it unique coloring as well.

How to care for Sheesham wood furniture

There are many ways to keep your sheesham wood furniture long lasting but we have mentioned only few, which are most efficient and easy to practice.

  • Protection from Sun-the surface of sheesham wood can't withstand direct sunlight and may get discolored or may lose natural luster.
  • Keeping away from direct sunlight may protect your furniture from splits & warps.
  • Dusting of the surface with damp cloth
  • Wipe the surface along the grain of the wood
  • Want to retain the sheen of the furniture? Apply bee-wax after every 3 to 4 months.
  • Never use any silicone based materials.

Understand the difference between Teak wood & Sheesham wood- In fact both are part of solid wood furniture and mostly solid wood are deciduous in nature. Deciduous simply means the trees that lose its leaves yearly.

Growth of such plants is slow but their density becomes more, Native place of Teak wood are India, thailand, Indonasia, Malaysia, AND Burma, but due to its high demand people of other coiuntries like Africa are growing this plant.

Teak wood has smooth grain and brown in color, and its tensile strength is good, along with teak is timber pests and termite resistant. Wood Dekor has positive Reviews, read yourself