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Know Your Furniture Wood

Sheesham wood

Sheesham wood, harvested from renewable, sustainable sources, from sustainable, government managed plantations. The wood is very hard and has a rich chestnut color with a heavy, narrowly interlocked medium textured grain. Each piece is unique as it is individually hand made by skilled craftsman, any differentiation in color is part of the natural occurrence and any irregularities in the wood should not be considered as defects.

Wood gently moves with change of atmosphere and room temperature, some movement of the wood is natural and should be expected.

Mango wood

Mango wood is an extremely beautiful hardwood, its furniture gaining very popularity especially due to its far greater sustainability over other popular hardwoods. Mango wood is a hard, dense timber,  though strong, is easy to cut and shape and as such, displays color properties unlike most other woods, its beautiful grain is often made up of many different colors and tones, ranging from a dark or light green through browns and light tan colors. This stunning grain looks lovely in its natural form but looks even better with a coat or two of beeswax polish and provides a look that betters with age. 

Acacia Wood

Acacia is a hardwood; however unlike many other hardwoods, it is relatively fast growing, replaced in a sustainable manner, it blossoms in even the most arid environment which gives the wood its distinctive grain. Prized for its durability, moisture resistance and solidity, acacia wood boasts many valuable properties which make it an ideal material for crafting furniture from. In addition to being very long-lasting, solid acacia furniture is aesthetically pleasing with distinctive, rustic grain patterns and warm contrasting hues. This makes acacia furniture perfect for contemporary and traditional homes alike, as it will effortlessly complement a range of interior décors.

Wood Care

The characteristics of hardwood expansion are inherently connected to their sale ability. In other words, it is important to understand that as buyers are attracted to the natural qualities of wooden furniture they should be mindful that, as a natural material, the hardwood will adapt to its surroundings.

Wood gently moves with change of atmosphere and room temperature, some movement of the wood is natural and should be expected

From time to time treat the timber with a beeswax polish using a soft cloth, which you should then buff off using a soft lint-free cloth. Always work in the direction of the grain and do not use silicon based sprays or polish.

Please do not place anything hot or wet directly on the wood as staining may occur, always use a coaster or mat. Any spills should be wiped off immediately with a dry cloth.

If the wood becomes marked it can be restored with care by rubbing down with fine wire wool in the direction of the grain and then finishing with beeswax.

Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight and heat. This will protect the wood from fading and help avoid movement and cracking.


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