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Product Knowledge and Care




At WOOD DEKOR, furniture is handcrafted with great care and attention to produce distinctive pieces that will bring pleasure for years to come. Each item of furniture is hand finished and uses traditional techniques to ensure strength and longevity and this together with natural features such as knots, grain and colour variation ensures that each piece is individual. With careful use these finely made pieces will give many years of satisfaction. To prolong the life of the furniture you buy from WOOD DEKOR we advise the following: s stunning






Sheesham wood, harvested from renewable, sustainable sources, from sustainable, government managed plantations. The wood is very hard and has a rich chestnut color with a heavy, narrowly interlocked medium textured grain. Each piece is unique as it is individually hand made by skilled craftsman, any differentiation in color is part of the natural occurrence and any irregularities in the wood should not be considered as defects.

Wood gently moves with change of atmosphere and room temperature; some movement of the wood is natural and should be expected.




Mango wood is an extremely beautiful hardwood, its furniture gaining very popularity especially due to its far greater sustainability over other popular hardwoods. Mango wood is a hard, dense timber, though strong, is easy to cut and shape and as such, displays color properties unlike most other woods, its beautiful grain is often made up of many different colors and tones, ranging from a dark or light green through browns and light tan colors. This stunning grain looks lovely in its natural form but looks even better with a coat or two of beeswax polish and provides a look that betters with age.



Acacia is a hardwood; however, unlike many other hardwoods, it is relatively fast growing, replaced in a sustainable manner, it blossoms in even the most arid environment which gives the wood its distinctive grain. Prized for its durability, moisture resistance and solidity, acacia wood boasts many valuable properties which make it an ideal material for crafting furniture from. In addition to being very long-lasting, solid acacia furniture is aesthetically pleasing with distinctive, rustic grain patterns and warm contrasting hues. This makes acacia furniture perfect for contemporary and traditional homes alike, as it will effortlessly complement a range of interior décors.



  • Wood is a beautiful natural material. It is important to understand its unique properties; which should not be mistaken for flaws:

  • Wood Shading and Grain: Each piece will have a slightly different grain pattern. Variation in colour, shading and grain between different products and within the same product can occur; this is a normal feature of all natural wood furniture.

  • Knots: Knots are a natural property of all real wood furniture; they do not affect performance, and add interest to each piece.

  • Medullary Rays: These markings are created where wood is cut across the grain producing interesting features such as growth rings and flecks.


  • To maintain the appearance of your furniture we recommend regular dusting with a soft cloth. It may occasionally be wiped with a soft cloth very lightly dampened with a mild detergent solution and dried with a lint-free cloth.

  • A bee’s wax furniture polish from a reputable supplier may also be used on wood.

  • The repeated use of a wooden polish containing silicone is not recommended, as it will lead to a build-up of a silicone film altering the appearance of the piece. Glass or mirrored panels should be cleaned using a non-solvent based glass cleaner and soft cloth, carefully avoiding contact with wooden or painted sections.

  • Any upholstered seats should be maintained regularly with a soft brush and/or gently vacuuming and periodic cleaning is required to maintain appearance and prevent premature fading and wear. You can also use professional dry-cleaning services for the same.

  • Spills should be removed immediately by blotting with a dry white cloth. If the spillage has caused staining on fabric, we recommend you contact your dry cleaner who are equipped to deal with such occurrences.



  • We recommend that you protect delicate flooring from potential marking by feet or legs. Dropping furniture onto corners or feet will cause damage to the frame and/or legs.

  • Leaning backwards on two legs of a chair will weaken joints. Take care to prevent sharp objects such as toys, buckles and heels from coming into contact with your furniture.

  • Avoid contact with any chemicals such as hair & makeup products, perfume etc as these may affect the finish.

  • If your furniture becomes stained, scratched or chipped or suffers other damage we recommend professional help is sought to restore it.

  • Following the guidelines above will ensure product performance is maintained. WOOD DEKOR is not responsible for defects caused by the misuse of your product.


  • All woods will display movement from season to season because of changes in atmospheric temperature and humidity. This may occasionally make moving parts a little stiffer to operate. On drawers, to ease movement simply rub a little candle wax on the drawer runners attached to the carcass of the furniture drawer. WOOD DEKOR Lane does not recommend locating products in excessively high or low temperatures, or where the environment is often damp as this may cause product issues.


It is essential that your furniture is positioned on a level surface to ensure that the doors hang correctly and open smoothly.

  • Products with doors have either adjustable hinges or wedges to square the doors if the floor is not levelled.

  • If doors fail to operate smoothly, or the product is moved, levelling should be re-checked; either re-adjust the doors or level the corners (any suitable packing material may be used).

  • Take care when moving products. We recommend they are lifted by two persons as dragging items across the floor will cause damage to the joints.

  • Large items which are assembled on site from multiple sections should be disassembled before relocation to a new position. Self-Assembly items should be assembled at the intended location and lifted carefully into position.


  • Avoid exposing your furniture to excessive heat e.g. by placing it in front of a radiator, as this can cause cracking. A minimum 30cm clearance from heat sources is advised. Direct sunlight will cause the colour of real wood to change, even if it is painted or lacquered, this will be more readily apparent if the furniture is placed under a window.

  • Leaving items such as vases or ornaments in one place on a piece of furniture in sunlight may leave a mark when it is removed. Such marks should blend in with time. Never place hot dishes directly onto wooden or painted surfaces, we recommend you use table-mats and coasters.

  • Prolonged use of hot electrical equipment, such as a laptop, on top of furniture may also cause scorching.


To help prolong the life of your upholstery fabric or leather please consider the following:

  • With most upholstery, periodic cleaning of the entire piece is essential to maintain appearance and prevent premature fading and wear.

  • Clean coordinated items at the same time, as some colour loss may occur.

  • Always allow for 3% shrinkage upon the first wash or dry clean.

  • To remove everyday household dust and dirt, clean regularly by gently vacuuming fabric.

  • Remove all spills immediately. Blot liquid spills with a clean, dry, white cloth, work towards the centre of the spill. Do not rub or use abrasive cleaners as this may damage the furniture. Should the piece become stained or suffer other damage we recommend professional advice is sought.

  • Apply specialist cleaning care products only as directed on the container and try first on a hidden area of your sofa.

  • To remove atmospheric dust and dirt that could cause premature wear, clean regularly with a soft cloth or brush.

  • Show wood should be kept clean with a lightly damp cloth rinsed in warm water, never use detergents. 

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